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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


[H. Lee, S. Park, J. Park], S. Cho, S. Han, J. Ahn, S. Cho, C. Kim, C. Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Transportable Multispectral Optical-Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy Using Stimulated Raman Scattering Spectrum”

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 73, 4502309. (2024) IF: 5.6 


J. Kim, S. Park, J. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“A Deep Reinforcement Learning Strategy for Surrounding Vehicles-Based Lane-Keeping Control”

Sensors, 23(24), 9843. (2023) IF: 3.9

J. Jeon, S. Hong, H. Lee, J. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“PMHA-Net: Positional Multi-Head Attention Network for Point-Cloud Part Segmentation and Classification”

IEEE Access, 11, 117920. (2023) IF: 3.9

G. Fitria, M. Kwon, H. Lee, A. Singh, K. Yoo, Y. Go, J. Kim*, K. Kim*, and J. Yoon*

“Microfluidic Fabrication of Highly Efficient Hydrogel Optical Fibers for In-Vivo Fiber-Optic Applications”

Advanced Optical Materials, 11(18), 2300453. (2023) IF: 9.0

[H. Lee, S. Han, H. Kye], T. Kim, W. Choi*, and J. Kim*

“A Review on the Roles of Photoacoustic Imaging for Conventional and Novel Clinical Diagnostic Applications”

Photonics, 10(8), 904. (2023) IF: 2.4

S. Han, H. Kye, C. Kim, T. Kim, J. Yoo, and J. Kim*

“Automated Laser-Fiber Coupling Module for Optical-Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy”

Sensors, 23(14), 6643. (2023) IF: 3.9

[H. Lee, W. Choi], C. Kim, B. Park*, and J. Kim*

“Review on Ultrasound-Guided Photoacoustic Imaging for Complementary Analyses of Biological Systems In Vivo”

Experimental Biology and Medicine, 248(9), 762-774. (2023) IF: 3.2

[B. Park, D. Oh], J. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“Functional Photoacoustic Imaging: from Nano- and Micro- to Macro-scale”

Nano Convergence, 10, 29. (2023) IF: 11.7

H. Lee, J. Jeon, S. Hong, J. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“TransNet: Transformer-based Point Cloud Sampling Network”

Sensors, 23(10), 4675. (2023) IF: 3.9

[S. Han, T. Ninjbadgar], M. Kang, C. Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Recent Advances in Photoacoustic Agents for Theranostic Applications”

Nanomaterials, 13(4), 695. (2023) IF: 5.3

B. Park, C. Kim, and J. Kim*

“Recent Advances on Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging for Thyroid Cancer Analysis”

Advanced Physics Research, 2(4), 2200070. (2023) 


T. Kim, H. Kim, W. Choi, Y. Lee, J. Pyo, J. Lee, J. Kim, J. Kim, J. Kim, C. Kim, and W. Kim*

“Deep Brain Stimulation by Blood–Brain-Barrier-Crossing Piezoelectric Nanoparticles Generating Current and Nitric Oxide under Focused Ultrasound”

Nature Biomedical Engineering, 7, 149-163 (2022) IF: 28.1

J. Kim, D. Lee, H. Lim, H. Yang, J. Kim, J. Kim, Y. Kim, H. Kim, and C. Kim

“Deep Learning Alignment of Bidirectional Raster Scanning in High Speed Photoacoustic Microscopy”

Scientific Reports, 12, 16238. (2022) IF: 4.6

S. Han, D. Lee, S. Kim, H. Kim*, S. Jeong*, and J. Kim*

“Contrast Agents for Photoacoustic Imaging: A Review Focusing on the Wavelength Range”

Biosensors, 12(8), 594. (2022) IF: 5.4

[H. Kye, Y. Song, T. Ninjbadgar], C, Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Whole-Body Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for Preclinical Small Animal Studies”

Sensors, 22(14), 5130. (2022) IF: 3.9

[M. Kang, H. Lee], S. Jeong, T. Eom*, J. Kim*, and D. Han*

“The State of the Art in Carbon Nanomaterials for Photoacoustic Imaging”

Biomedicines, 10(6), 1374. (2022) IF: 4.7

J. Kim*

“Photoacoustic Analysis Techniques for Thyroid Cancers: Principles and Applications”

International Journal of Thyroidology, 15(1), 23-27. (2022)

[H. Lee, S. Han, S. Park], S. Cho, J. Yoo, C. Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Ultrasound-Guided Breath-Compensation in Single-Element Photoacoustic Imaging for Three-Dimensional Whole-Body Images of Mice”

Frontiers in Physics, 10, 894837. (2022) IF: 3.1

B. Park, S. Park, J. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“Listening to Drug Delivery and Responses via Photoacoustic Imaging”

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 184, 114235. (2022) IF: 16.1

[S. Han, H. Lee], C. Kim, and J. Kim*

“Review on Multispectral Photoacoustic Analysis of Cancer: Thyroid and Breast”

Metabolites, 12(5), 382. (2022) IF: 4.1

[E. Park, H. Lee], S. Han, J. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“Photoacoustic Imaging Systems based on Clinical Ultrasound Platform”

Experimental Biology and Medicine, 247(7), 551-560. (2022) IF: 3.2

J Shin, J. Kim, T. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“An Enhanced Affine Projection Algorithm Based on the Adjustment of Input-Vector Number”

Entropy, 24(3), 431. (2022) IF: 2.7

S. G. Lee, M. Kim, S. Jeong, J. Hwang, J. Kim, A. Gourrier, J. C. Vial*, and K. Kyhm*

“Autofluorescence Loss in Photobleaching for Human Dentin Ex Vivo

Current Optics and Photonics, 6(1), 86-91. (2022) IF: 0.6

[H. Lee, J. Kim], H. Kim, C. Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Review on Optical Imaging Techniques for Multispectral Analysis of Nanomaterials”

Nanotheranostics, 6(1), 50-61. (2022)


[S. Cho, S. Park, B. Park], D. Kim, T. Lee, B. Kim, C. Kim, J. Kim*, S. Lee*, and C. Kim*

“High-speed Photoacoustic Microscopy: A Review Dedicated on Light Sources”

Photoacoustics, 24, 100291. (2021) IF: 7.9

[J. Kim, S. Park], G. Kim, M. Park, J. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography using Tunable-Path-Difference Source for Three-Dimensional Multi-Layered Imaging with Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio”

Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 147, 106727. (2021) IF: 4.6

W. Lee, Y. Choi, J. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“Bunch-of-Keys Module for Optimizing a Single Image Detector Based on the Property of Sequential Images”

IEEE Access, 9, 144713-144725. (2021) IF: 3.9

Y. Choi, W. Lee, J. Kim, and J. Yoo*

“A Variable-Sampling Time Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Improving Path-Tracking Performance of a Vehicle”

Sensors, 21(20), 6845. (2021) IF: 3.9

 J. Shin; J. Kim, T. Kim, J. Yoo*

“Lp-Norm-Like Affine Projection Sign Algorithm for Sparse System to Ensure Robustness Against Impulsive Noise”

Symmetry, 13(10), 1916. (2021) IF: 2.7

[J. Kim, B. Park, J. Ha], I. Steinberg, S. M. Hooper, C. Jeong, E. Park, W. Choi, T. Liang, J. S. Bae, R. Managuli, Y. Kim, S. S. Gambhir*, D. Lim*, and C. Kim*

“Multiparametric Photoacoustic Analysis of Human Thyroid Cancers In Vivo

Cancer Research, 81(18), 4849-4860. (2021) IF: 11.2

A. Akbar, M. Kamran, J. Kim*, and M. Jeong*

“Mathematical Modeling and Computer-Aided Simulation of the Acoustic Response for Cracked Steel Specimens”

Applied Sciences, 11(16), 7699. (2021) IF: 2.7

[C. Choi, W. Choi], J. Kim, and C. Kim*

“Non-Invasive Photothermal Strain Imaging of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Live Animals”

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 40(9), 2487-2495. (2021) IF: 10.6

I. Steinberg, J. Kim, M. K. Schneider, D. Hyun, A. Zlitni, S. M. Hooper, T. Klap, G. A. Sonn, J. J. Dahl, C. Kim, and S. S. Gambhir*

“Superiorized Photo-Acoustic Non-NEgative Reconstruction (SPANNER) for Clinical Photoacoustic Imaging”

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 40(7), 1888-1897. (2021) IF: 10.6

[W. Jeong, M. Kang], H. Lee, J. Lee, J. Kim*, D. Han*, K. Kim*

“Recent Trends on Photoacoustic Imaging Techniques for 2D Nanomaterial-based Phototherapy”

Biomedicines, 9(1), 80. (2021) IF: 4.7

[E. Park, S. Park], H. Lee, M. Kang, C. Kim*, and J. Kim*

“Simultaneous Dual-Modal Multispectral Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Macroscopy for Three-Dimensional Whole-Body Imaging of Small Animals”

Photonics, 8(1), 13. (2021) IF: 2.4


[B. Park, C. Bang, C. Lee], J. Han, W. Choi, J. Kim, G. Park, J. Rhie, J. Lee*, and C. Kim*

“3D Wide-field Multispectral Photoacoustic Imaging of Human Melanomas In Vivo: A Pilot Study”

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 35(3), 669-676. (2020) IF: 9.2

R. Roth, S. Kim, J. Kim, and S. Rhee*

“Single-cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Approaches of Cardiovascular Development and Disease”

BMB Reports, 53(8), 393-399. (2020) IF: 3.8

[C. Lee, W. Choi], J. Kim, and C. Kim*

“Three-dimensional Clinical Handheld Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Scanner”

Photoacoustics, 18, 100173. (2020) IF: 7.9

I. Noh, M. Kim, J. Kim, D. Lee, D. Oh, J. Kim, C. Kim, S. Jon, and Y. Kim*

“Structure-inherent Near-infrared Bilayer Nanovesicles for Use as Photoacoustic Image-guided Chemo-thermotherapy”

Journal of Controlled Release, 320, 283-292. (2020) IF: 10.8

S. Park, D. Won, B. J. Lee, D. Escobedo, A. Esteva, A. Aalipour, J. T. Ge, J. Kim, S. Suh, E. Choi, A. Lozano, C. Yao, S. Bodapati,
F. B. Achterberg, J. Kim, H. Park, Y. Choi, W. Kim, J. Yu, A. M. Bhatt, J. Lee, R. Spitler, S. X. Wang, and S. S. Gambhir*

“A Mountable Toilet System for Personalized Health Monitoring via the Analysis of Excreta”

Nature Biomedical Engineering, 4, 624-635. (2020) IF: 28.1

[J. Kim, E. Park], W. Choi, B. Park, and C. Kim*

“Towards Clinical Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging: Probe Improvement and Real-time Graphical User Interface”

Experimental Biology and Medicine, 245(4), 321-329. (2020) IF: 3.2

[B. Park, K. Lee], S. Park, M. Yun, H. Choi, J. Kim, C. Lee*, H. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“Deep Tissue Photoacoustic Imaging of Nickel(II) Dithiolene-containing Polymeric Nanoparticles in the Second Near-infrared Window”

Theranostics, 10(6), 2509-2521. (2020) IF: 12.4 (Featured on the cover)


[Y. Kang, J. Kim], J. Park, Y. Lee, G. Saravanakumar, K. Park, W. Choi, K. Kim*, E. Lee*, C. Kim*, and W. Kim*

“Tumor Vasodilation by N-Heterocyclic Carbene-based Nitric Oxide Delivery Triggered by High-intensity Focused Ultrasound and Enhanced Drug Homing to Tumor Sites for Anti-cancer Therapy”

Biomaterials, 217, 119297. (2019) IF: 14.0

H. Choi, W. Choi, J. Kim, W. H. Kong, K. S. Kim, C. Kim, and S. K. Hahn*

“Multi-functional Nanodroplets Encapsulating Naphthalocyanine and Perfluorohexane for Bimodal Image-Guided Therapy”

Biomacromolecules, 20(10), 3767-3777. (2019) IF: 6.2

U. Chitgupi, N. Nyayapathi, J. Kim, D. Wang, B. Sun, C. Li, K. Carter, W. Huang, C. Kim, J. Xia, and J. F. Lovell*

“Surfactant-stripped Micelles for NIR-II Photoacoustic Imaging through 12 cm of Breast Tissue and Whole Human Breasts”

Advanced Materials, 31(40), 1902279. (2019) IF: 29.4

[J. Kim, W. Cho§], E. Park, Y. Kang, W. Kim, and C. Kim*

“Real-time Photoacoustic Thermometry Combined with Clinical Ultrasound Imaging and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound”

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 66(12), 3330-3338. (2019) IF: 4.6 (Featured on the Cover)


J. Meng, J. Kim, L. V. Wang, C. Kim*, and L. Song*

“Compressed Sensing with Gaussian Scale Mixture Model for Limited-view Photoacoustic Computed Tomography In Vivo

Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment, 17, 1-11. (2018) IF: 2.8

S. Park, G. Park, J. Kim, W. Choi, U. Jeong*, and C. Kim*

“Bi2Se3 Nanoplates for Contrast-enhanced Photoacoustic Imaging at 1064 nm”

Nanoscale, 10, 20548-20558. (2018) IF: 6.7 (Featured on the cover)

[J. Kim, Y. Kim], B. Park, H. Seo, C. Bang, G. Park, Y Park, J. Rhie, J. Lee*, and C. Kim*

“Multispectral Ex Vivo Photoacoustic Imaging of Cutaneous Melanoma for Better Selection of the Excision Margin”

British Journal of Dermatology, 179(3), 780-782. (2018) IF: 10.3


[J. Kim, E. Park], Y. Jung, B. Kim, J. Kim, C. Yi, I. Kim*, and C. Kim*

“X-Ray Acoustic-Based Dosimetry Using a Focused Ultrasound Transducer and a Medical Linear Accelerator”

IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences, 1(6), 534-540. (2017) IF: 4.4

S. Park, J. Jang, J. Kim, Y. S. Kim*, and C. Kim*

Real-time Triple-modal Photoacoustic, Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Fusion Imaging of Humans”

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 36(9), 1912-1921. (2017) IF: 10.6


D. Keum, J. Mun, B. Hwang, J. Kim, H. Kim, W. Jo, D. Ha, D. Cho, C. Kim, S. Hahn*

“Smart Microbubble Eluting Theranostic Stent for Noninvasive Ultrasound Imaging and Prevention of Restenosis”

Small, 13(10), 1602925. (2016) IF: 13.3 (Featured on the cover)

H. Lee, J. Lee, J. Kim, J. Mun, J. Chung, H. Koo, C. Kim, S. Yun, S. Hahn*

“Hyaluronate - Gold Nanorod / DR5 Antibody Complex for Non-Invasive Theranosis of Skin Cancer”

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(47), 32202-32210. (2016) IF: 9.5

J. Kim, S. Park, Y. Jung, S. Chang, J. Park, Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell, and C Kim*

“Programmable Real-time Clinical Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging System”

Scientific Reports, 6, 35137. (2016) IF: 4.6

S. Jeon, J. Kim, J. Yun*, and C. Kim*

“Non-destructive Photoacoustic Imaging of Metal Surface Defects”

Journal of Optics, 18(11), 114001. (2016) IF: 2.1

[J. Song, J. Kim], S. Hwang, M. Jeon, S. Jeong, C. Kim* and S. Kim*

“Smart Gold Nanoparticles for Photoacoustic Imaging: an Imaging Contrast Agent Responsive to the Cancer Microenvironment and Signal Amplification via pH-induced Aggregation”

Chemical Communications, 52, 8287-8290. (2016) IF: 4.9

[M. Jeon, J. Kim], and C. Kim*

“Multiplane Spectroscopic Whole Body Photoacoustic Imaging of Small Animals In Vivo

Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 54(2-3), 283-294. (2016) IF: 3.2

(The Nightingale Award for Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 2018)

J. Chen, C. Liu, G. Zeng, Y. You, H. Wang, X. Gong, R. Zheng, J. Kim, C. Kim, L. Song

“Indocyanine Green Loaded Reduced Graphene Oxide for In Vivo Photoacoustic/Fluorescence Dual-Modality Tumor Imaging”

Nanoscale Research Letters, 11(85), 1-11. (2016) IF: 5.4


[C. Lee, J. Kim], Y. Zhang, M. Jeon, C. Liu, L. Song, J. F. Lovell*, and C. Kim*

“Dual-color Photoacoustic Lymph Node Imaging using Nanoformulated Naphthalocyanines”

Biomaterials, 73, 142-148. (2015) IF: 14.0

J. Kim, S. Park, C. Lee, J. Kim, and C. Kim*

“Organic Nanostructures for Photoacoustic Imaging”

ChemNanoMat, 2(3), 156-166. (2015) IF: 3.8

I. Roy, D. Shetty, R. Hota, K. Baek, J. Kim, C. Kim, S. Kappert, and K. Kim*

“A Multifunctional Subphthalocyanine Nanosphere for Targeting, Labeling, and Killing of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria”

Angewandte Chemie, 54(50), 15152-15155. (2015) IF: 16.6

J. Kim, D. Lee, U. Jung, C. Kim*

“Photoacoustic Imaging Platforms for Multimodal Imaging”

Ultrasonography, 34(2), 88-97. (2015) IF: 3.1

J. Rieffel, F. Chen, J. Kim, G. Chen*, W. Shao, S. Shao, U. Chitgupi, R. Hernandez, S. A. Graves, R. J. Nickles, P. N. Prasad*, C. Kim, W. Cai, J. F. Lovell*

“Hexamodal Imaging with Porphyrin-phospholipid-coated Upconversion Nanoparticles”

Advanced Materials, 27(10), 785-1790. (2015) IF: 29.4


[S. Park, J. Kim, C. Choi, D. Lee], and C. Kim*

“Highlights from the Latest Articles in Gold Nanoparticles for Theranostics”

Nanomedicine, 9(13), 1909-1911. (2014) IF: 5.5

S. Park, C. Lee, J. Kim, and C. Kim*

“Acoustic Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy”

Biomedical Engineering Letters, 4(3), 213-222. (2014) IF: 4.6

S. Park, J. Kim, M. Jeon, J. Song, and C. Kim*

In Vivo Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Cystography Using Clinically Relevant Dual Modal Indocyanine Green”

Sensors, 14(10), 19660-19668. (2014) IF: 3.9

[M. Jeon, W. Song], E. Huynh, J. Kim, J. Kim, B. L. Helfield, B. Leung, D. E. Goertz, G. Zheng, J. Oh*, J. F. Lovell*, and C. Kim*

“Methylene Blue Microbubbles as a Model Dual-modality Contrast Agent for Ultrasound and Activatable Photoacoustic Imaging”

Journal of Biomedical Optics, 19(1), 016005. (2014) IF: 3.5

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